Booster Club: Spirit in Full Effect

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Your 2018-2019 Booster Club: Zubby Oboh, Luca Giallongo, Rosie Vagnoni, Seamus Selmi, Greta Scott and Aidan Rocha. (Photo by Ms. Bagley)

The spirit of SJC games is finally back and now in full effect: the Booster Club has named its members and is ready to lead fans in supporting their athletes. Seniors Aidan Rocha, Greta Scott, Rosie Vagnoni, Luca Giallongo, Zubby Oboh, and Seamus Selmi will direct the student section during the 2018-2019 school year.

The first thing most people will notice after reading this lineup is the presence of multiple female heads. In years past, there has been a total absence of girls from the roster, which has created controversy around the Booster Club.

Scott said that she is “honored and excited” to play a major role in the club. Further, she emphasized “making sure the club is at all of the girls’ athletic events,” something that has also been a point of controversy in years past. More improvements Scott hopes to make include better communication with the SGA, more events for students, and the promotion of a completely positive message from the Booster Club. “This club wasn’t created to give off elitist or bad vibes; we’re just here to support.”

Although the club is just getting started, they already have some exciting plans for the upcoming year. Student tailgates have been a cornerstone of varsity football games for years. Located in the parking lot, they offer an opportunity for everybody to relax, have some food, and socialize. Recently, these tailgates have been viewed as exclusive to seniors, but Scott is very passionate about attracting underclassmen as well: “We don’t have tailgates just for seniors, we want all classes to show up and just have fun.” This year, the Booster Club will have things to eat, games to play, and some spirit gear for students to enjoy before heading into the stadium.

The need for new student section themes will also be addressed this year. We’re all used to the blackout and whiteout student sections, but this year’s Boosters want to come up with new dress codes for fans to follow. Scott notes that “themes always show a unified fan base. Right now, number one on our list is an 80’s theme, but we’re always open to suggestions.”

Even athletes are looking forward to getting involved in the Booster Club. Casey Morsell, a senior member of the varsity basketball team, has been critical of past Boosters, but he has a good feeling about this years’ group. “Their job is to give off positive energy, and get everybody into the game. I believe this year’s club will get the job done.”

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