Concert Review: Lil Uzi Vert and G-Eazy’s Endless Summer Tour

Jiffy Lube Live is home to some of the most popular artists in the music industry every summer. From pop to indie to rap, the stadium always seems jam packed with eager fans waiting to see whatever artist has traveled hundreds of miles to be in the tiny town of Bristow, VA. On Aug. 30, Lil Uzi Vert and G-Eazy had their turn to play on their Endless Summer Tour.

Even though it was a Thursday night, the venue was packed with teenagers and adults alike – some set up picnic blankets, and some just milled around waiting for the music to start. The lawn, in particular, was almost all teenagers because of the cheap tickets, lack of security, and notoriety for being the most fun spot in all of Jiffy Lube. The lineup began with P-Lo and a few other rappers who performed while the lawn filled up to almost max capacity. DJs ran through a few songs before announcing, with much fanfare and excitement, the artist that I and many others were most excited to see: Lil Uzi Vert.

He came out from backstage, the crowd cheering wildly, and started his set with one of his most famous songs, “Money Longer,” which had everyone jumping and on their feet within seconds. He transitioned through “Sauce It Up” and “Watch” with equal enthusiasm, the set behind him bearing an upside down cross and closeups of himself.

Rolling quickly through his set, he ended with “XO Tour Llif3,” probably his most iconic song to date. He performed several encores, and finally ran off the stage as it was getting dark. The crowd was exhausted from jumping and screaming, and dispersed to wait for the main event, G-Eazy.

Unsurprisingly the energy was way down for the main act – it seems most people came to see Lil Uzi. However, the turnout remained strong, and he made his way through his set in only 20 minutes with pop singles such as “Me, Myself & I” and “Drop.” He finished the night with “Him & I,” said a final goodbye, and left the stage at around 10:00 pm.

Overall, the concert was very good, and I enjoyed it a lot. I definitely would want to see another concert at Jiffy Lube some time in the future. The energy was great, the artists were amazing, and it was just a really fun experience to have with some good friends.

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