SJC’s Newest Math Teacher: Ms. Blanchard

Sabre Blanchard
Ms. Blanchard will be teaching math and coaching cross country at St. John’s this year. (Photo by Jack Downs ’19)

Ms. Katie Blanchard is one of the new faces at St. John’s this year. She will be teaching both AP statistics and pre-calculus, as well as coaching cross country, which she previously ran in college at the University of Delaware.  

She says that she enjoys teaching pre-calculus because “there is a lot of freedom in the curriculum.” AP statistics was one of her favorite classes in high school, and she is “very excited to be teaching it.”  

Although this is her first year at St. John’s, Ms. Blanchard has taught before. She previously taught at a boarding school in Jordan, called King’s Academy, that was actually started by the king of Jordan 12 years ago. She experienced the Middle East as she traveled during her time living in Jordan, and she even had a chance to visit Paris during a one-day layover on her way home.  

Ms. Blanchard said she already feels welcomed at St. John’s. “It’s awesome to be welcomed to a school with such a strong sense of community.” On top of this, she said she is looking forward to getting to know her students more and more, going to as many sporting events and performances as she can, and doing what she loves: teaching.  

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