New Clubs for 2018-2019

The Cadets Outside booth at the Activities Fair. (Photo by the TAPS staff)

Are you interested this year’s new clubs at St. John’s? Every year, students have the opportunity to submit their club ideas and a brief description to Ms. Clark, the administrator for all clubs. She then reviews their propositions and discusses them with the club’s moderator and at least one St. John’s faculty member, and then accepts or revokes the club.

Here is a list of St. John’s new clubs you should be sure to check out this year:

Junta Club: A club for students at St. John’s to discuss current political events and philosophical principles based off of their opinions and general knowledge.

SJC Car Club: A club that teaches a variety of important topics relating to cars, including car repair, the history of cars, and how cars run. This club will give students the opportunity to branch out and enjoy their love for cars together through fun and educational means.

Female Athlete Club: An empowering club for female athletes at St. John’s that provides a community for female athletes to develop positive mindsets around physical activity. The club discusses healthy nutrition for female athletes and their struggles.

SJC Hack Club: This club teaches students about cyber security, testing applications, hacking, and data security.

Cadets Outside: This club thinks outside of the box and promotes the outdoors through park clean up and excursions including, but not limited to, rock climbing, hiking, and rafting.

Engineering Design Club: The Engineering Design club is geared toward teaching students the art of engineering design through competitions outside of school.

Scarlet and Grey Strings Club: A St. John’s club that promotes the performance of strings by serving the local community

Photography Club: A much-requested club, the Photography Club provides an outlet for students who enjoy photography and art. This club will introduce new skills including the use of modern cameras and photo editing.

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