SJC Sophomore Shines at Elite Basketball Camp

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 7, 2018: Stephen Curry SC 30 Showcase Game at Kezar Stadium Pavillion in San Francisco, CA. (Photo by Jeff Hinds)

This summer, St. John’s own 15-year-old Azzi Fudd had the experience of a lifetime. Through her hard work and dedication to the sport of basketball, she was given the opportunity to participate in Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry’s fifth annual SC30 Select Camp.

For the first time in its history, the camp welcomed two girls, one being Fudd. There, she joined some of the most skilled high school prospects in the nation in showing off her skills on the court. Throughout the week, she worked hard to stand her ground against her male counterparts, proving her worth and reasoning for being invited to the camp. Despite being outnumbered by the boys,Fudd was able to hold her own in all of the long scrimmages and drills the camp held. She shined her brightest in the three-point contest when she showed off her lethal jumper, beating everyone in the camp and coming out on top.

After making some noise in the camp by winning the shootout, she got the attention of Curry himself and was able to face him, one of the most dominant shooters in the NBA, head to head in one last three-point showdown. In a tough fight, Curry came out on top. “[It was a]  lot of fun,” said Fudd. “We played 3-on-3 and I had Kent Bazemore and Steph [Curry] on my team at one point. Afterwards, I said I was disappointed because I lost. When I told Steph, he said we could have a rematch next year.” When asked about her performance at the SC30 Select Camp, Fudd said, “I would say it’s helped me with my confidence starting out this year.” She shows great promise for a successful season with St. John’s.

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