Dance Team Continues to Grow

When Jada Hill ’19  came to St. John’s College High School, she was looking forward to joining dance because dancing was her passion. But after her freshman year, the dance team ceased to exist.

By Hill’s junior year, she said knew what she wanted and she fought hard for it. After all her hard work and effort, the SJC Dance Team was re-created last year.

The dance team is a way for everyone to come together to dance, perform, and have fun. This team has put in lots of hard work, effort, and time so that SJC will be entertained at many St. John’s functions.

“The dance team provides a sense of school spirit,” Cashe Mitchell ’19 said.

The dance team has been working hard in preparation for the upcoming pep rallies this year and other functions.

“We have been spending countless nights staying up late organizing routines, choreographing dances, and planning our rehearsals,” Hill said.

Last year, they were able to perform at pep rallies and basketball games. This year, the team’s  goal is to perform at football games, which has never been done at SJC.

The dance team practices on Mondays and Thursday at 3:00 pm in room 206.

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