What they’re reading: A conversation with Mr. Morse

This week, I sat down with Mr. Morse, an Algebra I and II math teacher, to reflect on what kind of reader he was in high school. Mr. Morse attended St. John’s and said he was honestly the “bare minimum” reader until he was hired as a lifeguard over the summer one year. He said it was this job that made him realize reading was actually quite enjoyable. Now, in his free time, Mr. Morse will always have a book in his hand.

Mr. Morse enjoys all genres. “There isn’t a specific genre I like or that I avoid,” Morse said. “I tend to find authors that I like and read other works that they’ve done.” A few of his favorite authors are Erik Larson, Margaret Atwood, and JRR Tolkien.

Mr. Morse is #teampaperback when it comes to books. Occasionally he will read on his Kindle but he prefers paper books. After he is done reading a paperback he said he loves placing the book on his bookshelf with all the other novels he has read.

His favorite book and fictional character go hand in hand. He enjoys “The Lord of The Rings,” by J. R. R. Tolkien. Sam, his favorite character is a protagonist in this novel.

Because Mr. Morse loved The Lord of The Rings he decided to take a class about this author right here at St. John’s, which was taught by Doc Nighan! Mr. Morse said, “It was amazing. I’d recommend it to anyone at St. John’s.”

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