Fall Play Preview: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

{A67F8452-D4C5-4D2D-A542-B426ACA2EC16}Img100This fall, St. John’s Theatre is producing The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, based on the book by Barbara Robinson. Act one contains the story of the Herdmans, described as the worst kids in the history of the world. The Herdmans are known for fighting and cigar-smoking, and when they crash Sunday school and join the Christmas pageant, having never even heard the nativity story, the town panics.

After the pageant’s organizer, Mrs. Armstrong, has to bow out due to a broken leg, Grace Bradley steps up and takes over. The churchgoers demand that Grace fire the Herdmans, but Grace hopes to restore the meaning of Christmas to the community and engage the Herdmans in the greatest story ever told.

Act two of the fall production is a Christmas pageant extravaganza, an interactive Christmas caroling concert featuring all of the classic Christmas songs. The musical interlude is a change from the usual fall play. Mr. Emerson, theatre director, says act two will be a “full-on traditional Christmas pageant with songs, comedy, and caroling.” He hopes to get the audience in a festive mood just in time for the holidays.

SJC Theatre President Sophie Ryan ’19 has many ideas about how to get others more involved in theatre. She hopes to increase theatre’s social media presence and have better PR, not only for SJC students, but for locals in the DMV. She wants to notify others about upcoming shows through posters around school, and get people involved in the theatre community.

“Theatre is the varsity sport for people who can’t play sports,” Ryan said. “In theatre, you meet great people. You create strong bonds and make best friends that will always be there for you, and the compassion for the arts and each other, are prominent on stage and make for a fantastic show.”

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Cast List:

Father/ Mr. Bradley – Blaise Ryan ’21
Mother/Mrs. Bradley – Sophie Ryan ’19
Beth Bradley – Teresa Knestout ’20
Charlie Bradley – Will C. ’22
Imogene Herdman – Allie Rappel ’21
Ralph Herdman – Jack Dorsey ’21
Leroy Herdman – Craig Robinson ’21
Claude Herdman – Amalia Villegas Vega ’21
Ollie Herdman – Sean Healy ’21
Mrs. Armstrong – Kiley Dollymore ’20

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