Student Summer Spotlight: Sari Finn

Sari Finn ’19 (right) presents with her team – they created the idea for a new  food truck called “Anything is Pastable.” (Photo courtesy of Sari Finn ’19)

Over the summer, St. John’s senior and Peer Minister Sari Finn participated in a business program at the Kelly School of Business, connected to the University of Indiana. The program is a week long and is available for all rising seniors who have an interest in learning about business and entrepreneurship.

The program focuses on targeting underprivileged minorities, in hopes of bringing them into the workforce. Students learn about the importance of good business strategies and even practice the skills they learn in their morning lectures. Students then took their knowledge a step further and applied it to real-world situations. They created situations and circumstances that would simulate a business and the problems that tag along with it. They did a number of activities based off of income and budget, along with marketing and optics.

For Finn’s project, the students focused on creating a new food truck for the campus. Her group worked day and night to come up with a plan for a make your own pasta truck. They called their food truck “Anything is Pastable.” She said her group spent hours on end planning everything from budget to design.

Finn said, “My favorite activity was definitely designing the food truck and getting to better understand the way they work and what goes on behind the scenes.” She plans to major in economical engineering and minor in business. Her plans for the future include working in either Southeast Asia or Africa, to bring her knowledge to those places, but also to immerse herself in the culture of a completely different place.

“I really enjoyed the business part of the camp, but it was also really awesome getting to know the different students and learning more about them and the different places they came from,” Finn said.

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