Homecoming Dance 2018: Arabian Nights

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On Oct. 13, SJC students from all grade levels came together to attend the annual Homecoming Dance. The gym was elaborately decorated with a golden palace, colorful Persian tents, patterned red and gold lights, grand arches, gazebos, and statues to reflect this year’s theme, Arabian Nights.

This year’s Homecoming King and Queen were John Varney ’19 and Marjorie Albert ’19. The court also included Tyler Brooks ’20, Nicole Taylor ’20, Zuri Franklin ’21, Zoe Vidaurre ’21, Tristen Parker ’22, and Hannah Kirby ’22.

Students spent the night dancing in Gallagher Gymnasium and socializing with friends over Chick-fil-A in Roth Gymnasium. They took pictures in a photobooth and beside a desert garden backdrop. While reviews of the music and DJs were mixed, overall students felt the event was well organized and definitely enjoyed this year’s Homecoming Dance.

Here are some thoughts SJC students had about this year’s Homecoming:

“It’s my first year in high school, and I’ve never been to Homecoming before. It’s been lots of fun, and I’ve really enjoyed hanging out here with my friends.”
Eleanor Dunn ’22

“I really liked the music and dancing this year.”
Situ Amega ’20

“They really outdid themselves with the decorations.”
Ally Corrigan ’22

“Just one question: why are there Sphinx outside if the theme is Arabian Nights?”
Howard Hyatt ’21

“I wasn’t expecting this many decorations.”
Maggie Gleeson ’22

“This is the coolest Homecoming I’ve been to so far!”
Claire Morin ’22

“This year’s Homecoming was better than last year. The DJ was great, and the Chick-fil-A was really good.”
Alex Cowan ’19

“The theme this year was really cool. The decorations all fit into the theme, and I think that the tents were cool. There was also good lighting and it created a very nice vibe and atmosphere.”
Rosie Vagnoni ’19

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