Restaurant Review: Roti

Photo by Anna Cestari ’19

Located just two miles from St. John’s, the previous Georgetown Running storefront now boasts a Roti. Serving Mediterranean food and an atmosphere similar to Cava, Roti presents “food that loves you back.”

Roti’s menu features pita sandwiches, rice bowls, laffa wraps, and salads. Customers can choose either a make-your-own or preset option. For the choose-your-own option, customers move along the line in a setup similar to Cava and Chipotle.

The server quickly explained the menu and protein options: lamb meatballs, salmon kabobs, chicken roti, chicken breast, falafel, and steak roti. The sides and toppings consist of fresh vegetables, feta, hummus, tomato and cucumber, Greek olives, red cabbage slaw, and pickled onions. The Friendship location also had harvest vegetables, which were kale and sweet potatoes. Last are the sauces, with plenty of options including roasted red pepper, roti vinaigrette, s’hug, dill yoghurt and cucumber, tahini, and garlic.

Photo by Anna Cestari ’19

If the choose-your-own options are too overwhelming, the classic pita, signature rice plate, and Mediterranean salad are preset options. For a rice bowl and salad, the staff will also offer you a warm pita bread.

Roti’s rewards program automatically takes $4 of one’s first purchase, bringing my total down to $4.30. Once finished with my meal, a staff member quickly offered to throw away my trash. While Roti’s portions are smaller than Cava’s, its diverse menu and excellent service make up for it. I give Roti four stars, and with their many locations throughout the DMV, I know I’ll be back.

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