Opinion: Pep rally disappoints

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Sabre Editor Jack Cooper  ’19

Every year, the entire student body looks forward to the pep rallies before our big games. It’s the perfect way to get everybody hyped up and in the mood for SJC sports. The gym is packed, super loud, and everybody just has a good time.

Unfortunately, this year’s first pep rally was different.

First off, the pep rally was held outside. This just doesn’t create the same feel – the crowd noise isn’t echoing off the walls, the music can’t be heard as well, and the crowd is just not as into it.

Second, there weren’t any fun activities going on. I mean, everybody likes to see their English teacher beam a freshman in dodgeball or their math teacher try to find a cherry in a pie using only his or her face. The lack of games made the pep rally less interesting – these activities are easily the best part of the whole event.

And thirdly, the football team came out first. No disrespect to other sports, but this pep rally was for the Friday night football game against Good Counsel. Having the football team come out first was very anticlimactic, and it seemed like a bad move.

I’m not blaming the SGA for what happened – they had their plans changed at the last minute. The pep rally was supposed to be in the gym like it usually is, but it was moved outside because the gym bleachers weren’t functioning. However, even considering this, it seems like the pep rally could have been better.

On a more positive note, the dance team looked really good, and students enjoyed watching them as usual. The dance team never fails at getting the student body fired up, and they certainly didn’t disappoint this year.

On top of that, the student section at last Friday’s game was one of the most electric groups I have ever seen. All I’m saying is, this pep rally wasn’t up to par, and it’s especially bad for seniors because we only have a couple left.

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