Midterm Elections in the DMV

On Nov. 6, midterm elections will take place and voters all over the country will participate. Here, The Sabre takes a look at some of the most important races around the DMV.

Virginia’s Congressional District 10

One of the most watched races not only in the DMV, but in the entire country, is the battle for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District between incumbent Barbara Comstock (R) and Democratic challenger Jennifer Wexton.

Comstock, who is running for her third consecutive term, represents Loudoun County, Clarke County, Frederick County, and parts of Fairfax and Prince William counties, as well as the cities of Winchester, Manassas Park, and Manassas City, in the House of Representatives. During the campaign, she has attempted to distance herself from President Donald Trump, saying “I am my own person and I am my own woman” during an interview with NPR on Oct. 25.

Responding to a question on President Trump’s travel ban on predominantly Muslim countries, Comstock said, “I opposed that initial travel ban because I don’t support a ban based on any type of religious test. I do think we need to vet people carefully, but we have First Amendment rights that have to be protected.”

But according to FiveThirtyEight, Comstock has voted along Trump’s position on 97.8% of the bills that she has encountered in the House since January 2017, including voting to repeal the American Healthcare Act, permanently ban all federal funding on abortions or healthcare to support abortions, and opposing a carbon tax. She has voted against Trump’s position on the American Healthcare Act of 2017 (a No vote) and for imposing sanctions of Iran, Russia, and North Korea.

Comstock is focusing her campaign on transportation improvements, supporting small businesses, and tax relief for families, all issues important to her home state of Virginia. She has also taken a hard-line stance on national security and immigration reform.

Jennifer Wexton, Comstock’s Democratic challenger, is a lawyer who spent the past four years as a Virginia State Senate representative. She is behind common sense gun legislation, supported increasing the minimum wage as well as paid medical and family leave, and believes in reforming immigration by protecting DREAMers and making it easier for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship.

Comstock has been endorsed by the NRA, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, and the RightNow Women’s PAC. Wexton has received endorsements from the Human Rights Campaign, Everytown for Gun Safety, The Washington Post, and current Virginia governor Ralph Northam.

Maryland Governor’s Race

The state of Maryland will hold its election for governor, as well as other positions, including those on the General Assembly. The governor’s election has two front runners; current Governor Larry Hogan and former NAACP president Ben Jealous. Both candidates come from the two most popular parties in the state – Republican and Democrat, respectively.

Hogan is hoping to secure a second term, which would make him the first Republican governor in more than 50 years to hold two terms. His administration has received high approval rates and distanced itself from decisive and controversial topics, such as President Donald Trump. Moreover, the policy changes that were central to the administration and its goals were supported by the people of the state, as well as many outside parties. Hogan is considered a moderate Republican because he has strayed from the the party line, largely due to the state’s immense Democrat population – they outnumber Republicans two to one.

Jealous is the Democratic nominee for governor, and he rose to prominence with the Our Revolution movement, led by Bernie Sanders following the 2016 primaries. Jealous is a lifelong advocate and self-described socialist, and his rhetoric and platform are indicative of both the state of local politics and the trend of local elections being nationalized. Furthermore, his efforts would make him the first African-American governor of Maryland, as well as the first socialist. Jealous is from Baltimore, MD.

These are the platforms of the two candidates:

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 10.37.23 AM

The latest Washington Post/University of Maryland poll has Hogan leading by 20 points. To see a more in-depth explanation of the platform, visit the campaign’s websites.

DC Mayoral Race

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) is running for her second term after winning the primary by 83%. Prior to her 2014 election as mayor, Bowser, a DMV native, spent six years as the Ward 6 Representative for the DC Council. Her opponents are Ann Wilcox, a lawyer from the DC Statehood Green Party; Martin Moulton, a gay man from the Libertarian Party; and Dustin Carter, an independent DC native. No members of the Republican Party filed to run for mayor.

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