Club Spotlight: Anime Club

If you are interested in anime and or Japanese pop culture, then the anime club is definitely for you. The anime club was started by St. John’s senior Alan Tran last year and currently has 15 members but is continuing to grow in popularity.

When asked why he started the club,  Alan said, ”Anime is interesting for everyone, some people like anime and are interested in learning more about it and I really want to encourage people to learn more and get involved with the community.”

The club meets every Tuesday in room 215 and is monitored by math teacher Ms. Bruce. At the meetings the club members debate topics regarding anime shows and books, usually which anime show or book they like most and why.

During meetings the club plays games, usually  trivia-based games, watch shows and movies, play video games and discuss anime news. Anime news includes upcoming shows, movies, video games, books, coming out soon and rumors.

The Japanese culture is also very prevalent in the club and is mentioned fairly often. 

“My favorite thing about the club is interacting with people with similar interests. If you are interested in any of these activities, then anime club is something you should definitely check out,” Tran said.

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