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According to TechCrunch, Lyft has 23 million riders and 1.4 million drivers. Given the high volume of ridership and drivers, everyone who has used Lyft is bound to meet someone with a story. Some Lyft drivers prefer to drive in silence, while others are happy to open up about their lives. Recently, I had the pleasure of riding with a Lyft driver who offered great stories and life advice.

Our driver began by exclaiming how happy she was to have a car full of ladies because she loved girl talk. We learned that we were talking to a breast cancer survivor and retired government worker of 25 years, whose husband treats her like a queen. “He doesn’t like me working with Lyft this time of night, but he knows I like to make a certain amount of money in my pocket because us girls like to go shopping and get our nails done,” she added.

Our driver’s daughter is getting her Ph.D. in special education, while her son will graduate from Morgan State next year with a degree in chemical engineering. We found this out after being advised to get as much school in as possible. We learned all of these stories in less than 20 minutes from a stranger, proving that you can learn something from everyone around you if you make the effort.

My most important takeaway from the ride was when our driver reminded us, “Live life like it’s your last, don’t let nobody stop you from living. Don’t let your job stress you out, don’t let school stress you out, go to college.”

If you have had an especially positive Lyft or Uber driver that offered some great advice, feel free to email to be featured.

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