Club Spotlight: Film Club

This year, SJC has yet another club added to the books: the SJC Film Society. This is not any regular film club – it does way more than just watch movies.

The club dedicates two meetings for each movie. At the first meeting, they talk about the movie being watched that week and the hidden symbols that pop up in the film, in order to grasp the meaning behind it a lot better. The second meeting later in the week is to actually watch the film that was discussed earlier in  the week.

The club pulls movies from the Oscars list and the AFI list and tries to educate members on the elements that make movies “great.”

Club member Maddie Breeden said, “I’ve learned a lot more about the individual shots in the movie, and the smaller details throughout film”

Joe Mumola ’20 said,“ I think it is a great club, it gives a new education of how the producers film and the behind the scenes of the different scenes.”

The club is a way for people who are into films to learn about different film styles, as well as the different types of symbols hidden within films.

“The purpose of the club is to expose students to different films and show them how film is made,” Ms. Brillante, English teacher and club moderator, said. “We want the students to be able to learn different techniques of film. Then, we watch a movie on the technique that was learned, to have the them appreciate the real meaning behind the movie.”

The SJC Film Society kicked off its first meetings the week of  Oct. 9, when they watched the drama-filled movie Shawshank Redemption, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman. Their second set of meetings took place the week of  Oct. 25, when they watched the drama-packed film Rear Window, an Alfred Hitchcock classic.

There are no set meeting times for the club, but if you are interested please email for more information.

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