Least wanted Christmas gifts

With Christmas less than a week away,, it’s time to start getting some gifts if you haven’t done so yet.  Instead of gifts to get, this list will give you some to stay away from when purchasing for your friends and loved ones.  Without further ado and in no particular order, here are our five least wanted Christmas Gifts.

  1. A Weight Watchers Gift Card

Unless somebody put this down on their wishlist, it is not a good gift.  You are practically telling somebody that they should try to lose weight.  It just screams the idea that you should lose weight, which is typically for a bad reason.  It has the right intent to help somebody, but can most definitely come across as rude.

  1. A Rock

Rocks are great and all, but if someone wanted a rock they could just go outside and get one from their front yard.  Unless the rock holds some special or significant meaning to receiver of the gift, then it’s not a very good or creative gift.

  1. Socks

Socks are something everyone needs; they are a necessity.  However, socks are not something you give to somebody on Christmas.  They don’t involve much effort to get and generally don’t show the recipient a lot of love, especially with the plain white ones pictured above.  If someone’s in desperate need of socks, this could make sense, or if the socks have some cool pattern or picture on them, then now we’re talking.   

  1. Any Gonzaga Clothing

This one should make sense to most people.  They’re our rivals. Never give anything with Gonzaga on it to anybody unless you want them to suffer.  Never.

  1. A Pet  

Everybody loves, or should love pets.  They’re fun, they’re friendly, you can play with them, etc.  However, if a pet comes unexpectedly as a Christmas gift, then the recipient can be in for a lot of unwanted work.  You have to take care of pets in various different ways that can be difficult at times, whether it be anything from a dog to a guinea pig.  You have to clean up their poop, buy them food, pay attention to them, and lots more. Pets are definitely a great thing to have, but only if you’re ready for the perks that come with owning one.

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