Is your wardrobe ready for winter?

It is often hard to transition our summer wardrobe into a winter one, and we are conflicted as to whether we should choose comfort over style, or vice versa. Here are six ideas to help create both weather-appropriate and fashionable outfits.


Choosing a fashionable coat is a great way to spice up an outfit while also staying warm. Coats can be simple and clean, or for more trendy options, you can try a teddy bear or puffer jacket.


Tights are a great way to convert summer skirts and dresses into winter-appropriate outfits. They come in various colors and patterns that can dress up or down an outfit.


A cute pair of boots can go a long way and be paired up with many different outfits. For more comfortable options, Uggs and Docs are great. For a dressier alternative, try a pair with a heel or one that is knee high.


A cute pair of pants can transform a very simple outfit, or simple pairs, like jeans and leggings, are great basics to pair with fancier items. For some trendy options, try plaid or ripped pants.


Sweaters are a winter staple. They are warm and practical, but can also be cute. They are also great to layer with other items for colder days.


Winter accessories are a great way to spice up a boring outfit. Scarves and hats come in many designs and patterns to match any outfit. For some trendy options, try berets, beanies, and conductor hats.

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