Mr. Ellis brings academic support and a positive attitude to SJC

Sabre Ellis
Mr. Ellis, St. John’s new academic support specialist, can be found in the Academic Support Center. (Photo by Liam de Beaufort ’19)

For Mr. Ellis, the new academic support specialist, St. John’s offers a new challenge to help students achieve their goals. Ellis helps “facilitate academic support for students that are struggling by helping them pair up with peer tutors, professional after-school tutors, helping with organization and time management, or homework-completion plans.”

Before St. John’s, Ellis worked at innovative tech startups. He worked as an operations recruitment manager for “split,” a ride-sharing company similar to Uber pool or Lyft line. Shortly thereafter, Ellis worked as a recruitment manager for non-profits after working at a catering company. As a social worker, he says that his previous jobs were “very exciting and fast-paced” but that “social work and schools is what [he] is interested in.”

Ellis attended the College of Wooster in Ohio. He described Wooster as a “small school and a great school.” He then got his master’s at Howard University in Washington, DC.

Since the beginning of the year, Ellis has noticed some positive differences in the Academic Support Center. “In the beginning of the year, it was kind of slow because nobody needed any extra help. It has gotten much busier with exams coming up, and there is a lot of need to help students plan and organize for all the work that they have.” Ellis has been very busy lately due to midterms coming up and the semester wrapping up soon.

When asked about the most rewarding part of being an academic support specialist, Ellis said “it is very rewarding to help someone be successful” and that he wishes he’d had an academic support specialist when he was in high school to help organize himself and think critically about grades. Beyond grades and academic success, Ellis emphasizes the skill of preparation. He wants to help students prepare for life after school and walk into situations prepared.

When not managing the Academic Support Center, Ellis can be found in Columbia Heights. Having lived there for all of his time in Washington, DC, Ellis enjoys their Red Rocks pizza place and basketball courts.

If anyone ever needs academic support of any kind, Ellis said he is happy to help. He is located in the Academic Support Center. “This can be a place for anyone; it’s ok to ask for help or extra support, it doesn’t mean that you’re not doing well. This should be an inclusive place for everybody.”

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