Mr. Mancabelli receives Distinguished Lasallian Educator of the Year award

On Nov. 17, during the 45th annual Huether Lasallian Conference, St. John’s President Jeffrey Mancabelli was honored with the Distinguished Lasallian Educator of the Year award, along with five other nominees. The award was given to him by the Christian Brothers Conference.

Those considered for this award are part of a Lasallian institution and are educators who demonstrate Lasallian values, improve their school in some way, and leave a lasting impression that changes the world in some way. Mr. Mancabelli has done all of this: he’s not only expanded St. John’s robust campus ministry program, but he also started the Entrepreneurial Center at St. John’s.

Mr. Mancabelli admitted to not having this award on his mind while working on the amazing advancements at the school. He said, “The award is more for recognizing those who are passionate about Lasallian education. You do the work because you love the work.” Mr. Mancabelli’s humble statement shows that he truly was deserving of the award; he’s done the work out of the love he holds for the school.

“Being nominated for the award was an honor on its own,” Mr. Mancabelli said. It was Mr. Themistos (principal of St. John’s) and Mr. Sipowicz (St. John’s director of mission integration) who nominated Mr. Mancabelli. He was ultimately selected by the national organization of Brothers.

Mr. Themistos said, “I was elated that Mr. Mancabelli received this important and prestigious honor from our District of Eastern North America. His work at SJC over the past two decades to bring our students and faculty towards a centered understanding of Lasallian education is unmatched. His zeal to infuse the school with opportunities for Christian service, meaningful times of retreat, community connections, and an overall understanding of the strength of our bond as Lasallians has truly changed lives. I am grateful to him for all that he has done for SJC.”

When asked how he has gotten to where he is and how he’s been able to accomplish so much, Mr. Mancabelli said he was blessed to have great mentors. He has learned a lot from them and was able to emulate them in their good habits and ideals. He also said he has taken every opportunity he’s been given and has simply given it his all.

Mr. Mancabelli shows no sign of slowing down and halting the progression St. John’s has enjoyed, hinting at the coming renovation of Gallagher Gymnasium and building a new athletic center.

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