Rank that: Coffee places to help you survive midterms

With midterms coming up, studying is the priority. But it can be exhausting, so here are some good coffee places and their best drinks, to keep you energized through the week.

  1. Peet’s:

Peet’s coffee has a large range of coffees and teas. It has a special blend of dark and French roasts, that give Peet’s its signature flavor. It has a friendly atmosphere, with delicious food and smooth taste. It is a favorite of many, and never disappoints. My recommendations are:

  • caramel javia
  • The black tie
  • Wildberrry hibiscus tea fog

  1. Vigilante:

Vigilante coffee has a hipster vibe, and workers that are helpful. It also offers different kinds of milks for allergy options. It is a popular spot and sometimes is busy, but has a cosy atmosphere. My recommendations are:

  • hot chocolate
  • Cappuccino
  • Colombia San Sebastian

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts:

Dunkin’ is a cheap alternative for coffee and donut addicts. It’s a good pit-stop place for a quick breakfast. It’s has many local locations and is easy to get to. My recommendations are:

  • iced coffee with caramel
  • Coolatas
  • Iced latte

  1. Starbucks:

Starbucks is a very popular place, with many locations. It has a wide variety of coffee and tea, and has free WiFi. The employees are always helpful and welcoming. My recommendation are:

  • iced chai latte
  • Vanilla bean frappuccino
  • Pink drink

  1. Philz:

Philz is my favorite coffee location. It has many different drink options, with various cool names. It has a cozy and welcoming vibe, and is the perfect place to chill and do work with a delicious coffee. My recommendations are:

  • Iced latte with milk
  • Philharmonic
  • Mint Mojito

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