10 ways to decompress after exams

brainExam season can be a stressful time for students and teachers alike. Here is a list of 10 activities you can do to kick back and relax post-midterms.

1. Catch Some Z’s!

You deserve some good rest and relaxation after all of your exams! Take a little nap or a big one. If you’re lucky, you might sleep the whole day and wake up the next morning. You have to recharge and replenish your body with some sleep!

2. Boys/Girls Night!

Get all of your close friends together and hang out! The squad can see a good movie, go shopping, chill out, or maybe even have a sleepover. You guys all struggled on your math exam, but your hard work paid off and you did fine!

3. Throw a Fun Party!

Get a speaker and throw on the “Get Psyched” mix! Exams are over and it is time to throw down. Call everyone and their grandma to let loose and live a little. That psych exam was absolutely brutal, but you studied and showed everyone who’s top dog. Treat yourself to a fun time as a celebration for getting halfway through the year.

4. Munch on Some Grub!

Go to Friendship Heights with your buddies and grab some food! You were so hungry during that bio exam. Reward yourself for making it through the week with some tasty food. There are tons of options around school in Friendship Heights or Tenleytown. Make sure you snag a parking spot early!

5. Play Fortnite!

Get your squad together, it’s time to rise and grind. Now that you finished your exams, you can go back to playing everyone’s favorite game. Fortnite may have tanked a little, but we are not leaving it in 2018. Fortnite is coming back in a big way in 2019, so be ready.

6. Hang Out in Your Treehouse!

Call all of your buddies and take a trip down memory lane. With this four-day weekend, you can revisit some childhood memories and finally climb back up into that old treehouse in the backyard or find that fort in the woods again. You can catch up with each other and think back to the good old days.

7. Go to a Concert!

Get some tickets to reward yourself for the “W” you just took on exams. Go see your favorite artists in concert, like A$AP Rocky or Taylor Swift. Maybe even go see a mariachi band. Those guys are pretty cool.

8. Go to a Souvenir Store of the State/City You’re From

When people visit a new state or city, they always want a memento from their trip. Flip the switch. Now that you’re done with exams, you have time to go to a souvenir store in your own state! Get a I<3DC shirt or a Maryland flag coffee mug. Celebrate where you’re from!

9. Do Some Puzzles! (Jigsaw, Not Crossword.)

Everyone knows crossword puzzles are terrible. Do some jigsaw puzzles after exams! It’s a good way to relieve the stress from that morality exam you aced. Once you get into it, it’s hard to quit. You might sit at the table until you finish the puzzle!

10. Try Out a New Passcode on Your iPad!

Switch up your iPad passcode. It could change your life. At this point, all of your friends know your passcode, so you may as well switch it up. You have a whole four-day weekend to get used to the new code!

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