InLight magazine to launch in January

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InLight staff members Mary Salvador ’19, Liam de Beaufort ’19, Bella Davila ’19, and Liana Harris ’19

Currently in the works, the first issue of St. John’s InLight magazine is set to release in January. InLight is a diversity publication that began at Sidwell Friends School in 2014 and has since spread across more than 12 schools in the DMV. As its mission statement reads, “InLight serves as a platform for students to share their stories and thoughts through artwork, articles, poems, letters, and more.”

Schools involved with InLight include Woodrow Wilson, St. Albans, National Cathedral School, Gonzaga, Georgetown Day School, Sidwell Friends, Washington Internal School, Bullis, Potomac, Stone Ridge, Jewish Day School, Maret, Edmund Burke, and now St. John’s.

The first St. John’s issue will be called “The Editors Issue,” as the senior InLight staff at St. John’s will each write articles and/or create artwork for the magazine. Staff members include co-editors-in-chief Liana Harris ’19 and Liam de Beaufort ’19 and staff editors Nick Zuppas ’19, Jared Byrd ’19, Laila Michel ’19, Annie Hagerty ’19, Mary Salvador ’19, Emily Place ’19, Erick Rivadeneira ’19, Bella Davila ’19, and Nate Rutledge ’19. InLight issues usually have a theme, but for “The Editors Issue,” there will be no theme as it is the first issue.

“Exploring cultures, lifting voices, and interrogating injustices” InLight mission statement

“St. John’s is one of the most diverse schools in the DMV, and InLight will provide students of all backgrounds with a platform to share their perspectives and raise their voices,” said InLight Co-Editor-in-Chief Liana Harris. As a Catholic school with its own identity and culture, St. John’s InLight magazine will have its own mission statement, which will be revealed in the first issue. The mission statement will reflect the Lasallian values and principles that St. John’s teaches its students.

Harris adds that “InLight aspires to become an integral part of the St. John’s community and hopes that with its presence, students will feel more included and welcomed, both inside and outside the bounds of Military Road and 27th Street.” The magazine will serve as a platform for various student groups, such as Girl Up, Say Our Names (S.O.N.), and the Student Identity Alliance (S.I.A.), to share their stories and express themselves.

Ms. Gelso, AP English Language and British Literature teacher, is the moderator of InLight and director of the Writing Center. Coincidentally, most of the staff at the Writing Center are also part of InLight, so they are always available to help edit student pieces and brainstorm story ideas as well.

The first issue will be published on iBooks and will be available on canvas for students to download.

If you are interested in more information, contact “,” ask a peer tutor in the Writing Center, or ask Ms. Gelso (room 114).

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