How to spend a snow day

So far, 2019 has shown a lot of snow, and there’s already been a couple days off. According to the forecast, there’s only going to be more snow in the future, which could mean more days off.  If you ever find yourself bored on a snow day, here are five things you can do to spend your day off.

A Snowball Fight

Go outside, gather some friends, and have a good old fashioned snowball fight.  Get two teams, and go to work. Start making snowballs as fast you can, get ready to make some pinpoint throws, but also be prepared to have someone unload some upon you as well.  Pelting snowballs at your friends while also taking a few hits yourself is always a good time, and is never a bad way to spend a snow day.

Go Sledding


Go take advantage of the conditions outside and go sledding.  Race your friends, go conquer a big hill, or just enjoy a slow ride down.  Sledding is fun for anyone. You just have to make sure to stay safe.


Unlike the two before, this involves relaxing, but that’s exactly what a snow day can be for. There’s no school, which means you can get back all that beauty sleep that you missed from staying up too late the night before.  Just go ahead and take a nap.


Read a Book or Watch a Movie

Start up a fire, get warm and cozy, and dig into a book.  Harry Potter, Gone With the Wind, The Notebook, any book you want.  If you’re not into books, then curl up on your couch, pull up Netflix, and watch a good movie. If you’re trying to stick with the snow theme, then Frozen is the perfect movie to watch.  These are both great options for spending your snow day.

Make some Hot Chocolate

This is a classic. Go ahead and make some hot chocolate.  You can pour some of the powder you can buy at your local grocery store into a cup, heat up some water or milk (whatever you prefer), and mix the two together.  Don’t forget to top it off with some marshmallows. This is the perfect way to warm up after coming inside from the cold.

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