Rank that: Romantic Comedies

With Valentine’s Day coming up, whether you have someone to spend it with or not, here are the Top 10 Romantic Comedies that you can watch with friends, a significant other, or just by yourself.

  1. Empire Records

An iconic ’90s movie, Empire Records centers around a group of teens working in a record store. It includes great music, quirky romances, and life-long friendships.

  1. Love Simon

Love Simon is about a boy, Simon Spier, who doesn’t know how to come-out to his family and friends, until he finds another like him. This movie will make you feel for the characters, with its real but sweet story.

  1. Never Been Kissed

This Drew Barrymore classic is a perfect Valentine’s Day movie. It is about an undercover, aspiring journalist, trying to find an exposé at a high school. It has cringe-worthy, but relatable, characters, and is perfect for high schoolers, or people who feel like they don’t fit in.

  1. She’s Out of My League

This 2000s rom-com shows the values of personality over looks when a TSA worker meets the girl of his dreams after she loses her phone on a flight and all his friends insist she’s out of his league. It is sure to make you laugh with its offbeat comedy. It also has a soundtrack full of 2000s classics.

  1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This 2018 Netflix movie is a perfect rom-com for Valentine’s Day. It tells the story of Lara Jean, a girl who writes love letters to her crushes, including her sister’s boyfriend. It includes adorable scenes that will make your heart melt, and features a female Asian lead. It is a relatable coming-of-age movie and a must watch for teenagers.

  1. Definitely, Maybe

This Ryan Reynolds movie is a classic rom-com. It centers around a dad telling his daughter stories about his relationships as she tries to guess which one is her mom. It is an enjoyable and sweet movie, but also leave you in suspense until the very end.

  1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This movie shows a journalist, writing a story on turn-offs for guys, but the man she chooses is betting that he can make a girl fall in those with him in ten days. It will make you laugh with its exaggerated humor and cry with its adorable romances.

  1. She’s All That

This movie is about a popular guy who makes a bet with his friends that he can turn any girl into the prom queen. It is a typical romance about how opposites attract. It will never leave you bored, and will leave you wanting watch it again and again.

  1. 13 Going on 30

This 2000s classic shows the story of Jenna Rink who will give anything to be 30 and thriving, instead of 13. It has relatable comedy, and shows the importance of being yourself. It also includes romances that will warm your heart.

      1.10 Things I Hate About You

This movie is about Kat Stratford who doesn’t want to have a boyfriend, but her sister can only date if she does. So a boy pays Patrick Verona to take Kat on a date. This is the best rom-com because it brings all the emotions. It is very different than other high school movies and very entertaining. It also includes Heath Ledger’s rendition of “Can’t Take My Eyes off You.”

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