Art Club participates in SOME Empty Bowls Supper

So Others May Eat (SOME) is holding their 25th Annual Empty Bowls Soup Supper on March 12 and 13. This is where guests pay an entrance fee of $25. In return, they eat a donated, restaurant-style meal, as well as receive a handmade bowl.

The Empty Bowls Soup Supper one of many fundraisers SOME has over the course of the year in order to pay for the thousands of meals they give to the homeless. However, this fundraiser has a deeper purpose. According to, “Every time you take the ‘Empty Bowl’ from your cupboard we hope you’ll remember that someone’s bowl is always empty and on this occasion, you help to alleviate someone’s hunger.”

While it has been a success year after year, SOME depends on donations to keep it going. The long list of donators includes St. John’s students. The Art Department has participated in it before; however, this year it was extended to all students through Art Club. One of the presidents of Art Club, Teresa Knestout ’20, said, “We had a really good turnout during these meetings making these bowls. I really hope they will help benefit SOME.”

The other president, Caroline Lander ’20 said, “While the Art Department does it every year, we thought it would be a good project that would help get more of the school involved.”

It took multiple meetings to complete the bowls, as they needed to sculpt and glaze them. However, the participants knew their time and efforts would not be wasted. Maddie Vincent ’20 said, “I loved knowing that my creative efforts could go to help other people.”

In addition, Chanty Lairoa ’20 said, “It was super fun! I tried to put as much creativity as possible into it, even though I don’t take art at St. John’s.”

While donating money is always thoughtful and gladly accepted, this is just one of many examples of a way you can give back to the less fortunate with your talents.


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