Girl Up using Poverty Education Week to expand service

The Girl Up club has been brainstorming different fundraiser ideas. As Poverty Education Week ensues, the club members want to help girls in places where it is hardest to be a girl.

One of the co-leaders, Annie Hagerty, said, “We have so many more members this year and I’m very excited about the money we can raise!”

There are several aspects to this charity that will go to helping girls. The first is education. The money will go to helping girls go to school and stay in school. The club also wants to ensure access to health and nutrition information. Girl Up’s fundraiser money will go toward preventing and protecting girls from all gender-based violence. All girls should have access to skills-building workshops and opportunities, so the money will also help with that.

Finally, Girl Up is concerned with documentation. With their fundraiser, they will try to ensure all girls count by receiving birth documentation and data on girls.

The other head of the club, Emily Place, said, “We hope people realize the money is going to girls abroad who really need it and are inspired to donate!”

Additionally, I asked one of the members, Daniel Beck, to explain why you should donate: “It’s important to donate because you’re helping girls who might never experience the privileges that we do on a daily basis.”

The club is still deciding how they’ll pursue raising this money.

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