Wardour and Kennedy take home player of the year honors

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Lilly Wardour and Quinn Kennedy have received the WCAC Ice Hockey girls and boys player of the year. The Sabre talked to them about their season, inspirations for playing, and plans for the future.

Lilly Wardour

Girls Hockey just completed an extremely successful season. Lilly Wardour ‘19 said, “The season went very well we won the MAGHL and won the WCAC in it inaugural season. Personally, I won WCAC player of the year and WCAC first team. The team also became a lot closer this year even the freshman who were new to the team. They also had big contributions helping to make my senior year very memorable and very happy to leave the budding program to them.”

Lilly Wardour plays defense at St. John’s, but has been playing center for her club team. She said, “Playing defense here has taught me to be a better player in all aspects of my game.”

Lilly Wardour says her favorite part of playing is making a good clean team play that leads to a goal. Also, the adrenaline rush that it brings to the team which brings such a good positive energy for the team.”

Lilly Wardour is hoping to find a place with the same support and pride of the St. John’s community. She plans on continuing to play in a club or after college. She said, “I can not imagine not playing given I have been playing since the second grade.

“I’d like to thank my parents for driving me all over and supporting me throughout my career especially my dad for starting the program with me. And also all the coaches and parents that have supported the team/program.”

Quinn Kennedy

Quinn Kennedy ‘21 comes from a hockey background. “My dad played college hockey so I come from a huge hockey family which is a big motivation, but mostly just my teammates and coaches are my main motivations to be better,” Kennedy said.

Although the boys didn’t win, Quinn Kennedy tells us their season was also very eventful. “We had a very good season this year. We had a ton of firsts, we beat 3 teams we’ve never beaten in our history and went to our first WCAC championship. Even though we didn’t have the outcome we wanted it was a huge year and we have an extremely bright future in St. John’s ice hockey,” Kennedy said.

Quinn Kennedy plays center for St. John’s, and has big plans for the future. “I’ve already been drafted by one junior team this month and I hopefully plan on getting drafted by another team this spring where I hope to play a little bit in the future then continue on to college hockey.” He plans on continuing hockey through college and as far as he can go after that.

“I’d like to thank all my teammates this year especially the seniors and my coaches. It was a lot of fun playing with all these guys and we achieved a lot. I’d also like to thank my family especially my parents and my friends who always support me.”

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