Don’t call it a comeback: Childhood nostalgia that has made a return

Many nostalgic things for 2000s kids came back this year. Now we can relive our childhoods through music, TV shows, and trends. Whether or not all the revivals were hits, we can still appreciate these throwbacks.

1. Hannah Montana – For the 13th anniversary of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus put back on her blonde wig and sang along to the classics, like “The Best of Both Worlds” and “Nobody’s Perfect.”

2. The Jonas Brothers – The Jo Bros are back together and releasing new music. They have come out with two new songs, “Sucker” and “Cool.”

3. Drake and Josh – The cast of Drake and Josh have been getting together lately. Drake Bell even teased a new show starring him and Josh Peck.

4. Victorious – The cast of Victorious joined in Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” music video to help her create different teen classics. They have had several more small reunions since then, and we are glad to see that a lot of the cast has kept in touch.

5. The Incredibles – After its release in 2004, The Incredibles finally came out with a sequel. It picks up right at the end of the last story, and was worth the 14-year wait.

6. Delia’s – This 90s and 2000s brand is finally making a comeback. After going bankrupt, Delia’s is back on the dollskill website.

7. Club Penguin – Club Penguin was a favorite game for many kids since 2005. It was discontinued in 2017, and its loss saddened many users. It now has a new mobile form called Club Penguin Island, but it’s not the same game that early 2000 kids used to play.

8. That’s So Raven – A new show on Disney channel called Raven’s Home is a sequel to That’s So Raven. It follows Raven, keeping her psychic secret from her kids, while they are keeping secrets from her.

9. Kim Possible – Disney also came out with a live-action Kim Possible movie in 2019. Although it wasn’t popular among those who watched the original cartoon, it helped bring a great story to a new generation.

10. Full House Full House also had a reboot called Fuller House. It follows the Tanner kids, all grown up, living in the same familiar house with families of their own.

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