Letter from the Editor: My time on the Wednesday News Team

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 11.32.02 AMAs the year comes to a close, it feels right to reflect on what it was like being a member of SJC’s most iconic news team. It was awesome. I used to watch the news in homeroom as an underclassmen and think about how it could be improved. When some of my friends joined journalism, I saw the perfect opportunity to make the news something people looked forward to. I have always believed that it should be the much-needed comedic relief that students receive after first period. With that goal in mind, my friends and I got to work.

Filming the intro was our first step. We had the idea of modeling it after a scene in the movie Anchorman. It took a couple of hours to film after school, but once it was all edited and smooth, it was worth all the work. After we made the intro, underclassmen and people we never talked to started recognizing us. It was a cool thing, people would call us out in the hallways and ask for pictures at parties. I’m not trying to say we turned into celebrities, but we got recognized for our work and we enjoyed working.

The planning for the news the night before was probably my favorite part of the whole thing. We made a group chat and just threw out ideas until we came up with one idea that seemed kind of crazy but we knew would make a good video. The next day during homeroom, we would actually be executing that idea and later preparing it for the website. It was a very cool thing to see our ideas come together and then watch everything in homeroom the day after.

Being on the news team wasn’t always easy, the main problem being coming up with ideas. There would be some days where we just couldn’t come up with anything at all and would have to just do the announcements and nothing else. Our safety net was adding the infamous three-second clip of Doc Nighan screaming, because it never failed to make people laugh. Coming up with ideas every week was definitely a challenge, but we always managed to bounce back.

All in all, the Wednesday News Team was really fun and I’m glad I did it. I hope the teams for next year can continue making the news interesting and comical.

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