Opinion: The 2019 Founder’s Day celebration was a big improvement

Sabre Dunk
The dunk tank was the main attraction this year.

The Founder’s Day celebration at SJC has only been in existence for two years. (Editor’s note: The Founder’s Day Mass has been a St. John’s tradition for many years.) That being said, a few kinks still have to be worked out for it to be a day that students look forward to.

Last year, it was a flop. We had Mass and then ended up spending three hours standing around in the parking lot. I’d almost rather be in school than bake in the sun with nothing to do. However, everybody knew that SJC would take another whack at Founder’s Day.

The entire day is supposed to be about our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. St. John’s did a great job incorporating him into the celebration this year. The Sabre teamed up with Peer Ministry to make a funny, but educational video about our founder. We had Mass outside, which was much better than being in a hot gym. And finally, there were signs posted all around the parking lot that praised the saint.

Another thing SJC really improved this year was the activities. The main attraction was the dunk tank. Students had the opportunity to dunk their favorite teachers for the low price of $5 for 3 balls. SJC was also able to set up an inflatable obstacle course that was open to everybody. Toward the end of the day, students made their way down to the football field, where the juniors played against the seniors in an iconic powderpuff game. That being said, not too many people were bored on Founder’s Day.

Finally, the food and music were on point. SJC expanded the food truck horizon this year. Students could get anything from a snow cone to a pulled pork sandwich. As far as the music goes, there was a DJ. The DJ was definitely on top of everything and managed to keep the flow going for the entire day.

All in all, St. John’s really stepped it up this year. I for one can say that I actually enjoyed Founder’s Day. Everything was improved this year, and the administration showed that Founder’s Day will only get better.

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