Class of 2019: Where are you going?

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2019! This year our seniors have worked extremely hard and all that hard work has payed off. Some of our seniors are going across the world, staying local, or crossing the coast. Below is a list of some of our seniors and counselors telling why they chose their college.

Seniors were asked to answer the following questions:

  1. What college will you be attending?
  2. Why did you pick this college?
  3. Did the location of the college have a huge impact on your decision?
  4. Who made a major impact on your college decision?
  5. What was your favorite part about senior year?


Maliah Morris

Maliah Morris

  1. Clemson University
  2. Playing soccer, it’s the best league in women’s soccer and I want to compete because I’m a competitor
  3. Yes, I wanted to be in the warm. Around Clemson it is so cute and it’s a nice area.
  4. My parents, they helped me through it all and got me to the point where I am today
  5. Its my last year with some of my best friends. I met a lot of new people and gained many new relationships that will last past high school. My favorite part was founders day and the powderpuff game it was so fun and competitive and seniors won

Sean Culkin 

  1. James Madison University
  2. I chose JMU because of its competitive and winning atmosphere, academic possibilities, and great coaching staff.
  3. I wanted a school that wasn’t too far away from home but far enough that I felt like I was able to be on my own. So, being 2 and a half hours away sounds pretty good to me.
  4. My parents and coaches gave me the opportunities I needed to become successful.
  5. My favorite part of senior year was winning two championships and ending up 30-3 on the season.


Alan Long 

  1. Next year I will be attending the United States Air Force Academy.
  2. I chose this service academy because I am excited about serving our nations military, and getting a great education.
  3. Visiting the military base was my first time being in Colorado Springs, and the atmosphere was incredible. The air was so clean and the altitude is 6000 feet above sea level.
  4. My father made a huge impact on my college decision. He himself did not inspire me to attend a military academy, but my desire to make him proud inspired me enough.
  5. My favorite part about senior year was getting to see the hockey team beat Gonzaga and Landon.

John Kavanagh (ROTC scholarship)

  1. The University of Notre Dame
  2.  Notre Dame has a very strong ROTC presence on campus, and it was one of the only schools that even mentioned the program, which made it stand out to me. My tour guide was the student wing commander for the Air Force ROTC program at Notre Dame, so she was very informative and encouraging for me to join.
  3. No
  4. Nobody really influenced me.
  5. Leading my battalion down the street for the Gonzaga March On and doing the Sabre Arch.


Maria Ascanio Alino (Scholars)

  1. I am going to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  2. I chose this school because of the opportunities they can offer me in the future such as internships and other resources. Also, I have wanted to be an engineer since the beginning of high school, and this school will allow me to grow and succeed.
  3. Even though I hate the cold, I didn’t hesitate to go up to Boston for college because of the advantages I can get there. I love the city and the college environment it has, as well as the fact that I can get around without a car.
  4. My parents definitely made the greatest impact on my college decision, since they were the ones who encouraged me to apply to MIT and supported me when I got in. I was very hesitant to choose MIT because I really wanted to go to Spain after high school, but their support allowed me to make a decision.
  5. My favorite part of senior year was being able to focus on other things other than school. The feeling of being done with college applications and the opportunity to stop caring about school as much allowed me to hang out with my friends a lot more and open up to meeting all my classmates.

Jacob Schramm (Ivy League )

  1. Yale University
  2. The diversity of backgrounds and perspectives paired with engaged students made Yale attractive.
  3. I have family in Connecticut, and my best friend’s family also lives in New Haven, so it was a draw.
  4. Yale alums and accepted students whom I interacted with made me inclined to go.
  5. Spending time with my boys on the scholars trip was my favorite part of senior year!


Olivia Perna

  1. I’m going to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. 
  2. I wanted to study international law, and there are not many opportunities to study law in undergrad in the United States. Scotland is also an interesting place to study law because you gain experience in Scotts law and U.K. law.
  3. Yeah! Edinburgh is a really beautiful and historic city, and I fell in love with the location immediately.
  4. My sister studied abroad in Hong Kong for a semester, and I wanted to follow in her footsteps going overseas.
  5. Senior privileges as a whole were my favorite part of the year. From lunch on the senior terrace, to Kairos, to senior week, I feel I’ve gotten to know everyone from my class better this year. 

Emily Place

  1. University of St. Andrew’s
  2. I wanted to apply to a couple of international schools, just to keep my options open, but it ended up being the best option for me academically.
  3. Yes, at first I felt nervous about going so far away, but now I am very excited to go.
  4. My dad is the one who encouraged me to apply for overseas schools and both my parents supported me a lot through the entire college process.
  5. Mr. Crawford’s classes.

All of the seniors would not be were they are today if it wasn’t for our wonderful and most supportive counselors.

The counselors were asked to answer the following questions:

  1. What college did you attend?
  2. Why this college? 
  3. Did the location of the college have a huge impact on your decision? 
  4. Who made a major impact on your college decision? 
  5. What was your favorite part about helping seniors year? 


  1. I attended Shenandoah University where I received my bachelor’s degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations, Journalism and Film Studies and also a Certificate in Spanish Translation. I also went on to do receive my master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Higher Education
  2. Shenandoah recruited me to play lacrosse for them when I was in high school!
  3. Yes, I am a first generation Latina student so the nuances to college were very new to me so going away for school seemed like a very scary thought. I wanted to make sure I was close enough to home where I had access to my family and my family had access to me. I liked the idea of my friends and family being able to come to my lacrosse games and myself being able to go home and eat Peruvian food! 
  4. My parents and my brother and sister! We grew up as a family of five here in the United States. We were always each other’s support system and pushed each other to strive for the best. I was the youngest and my family always reminded me to never give up when times were tough. They always made sure I had someone at every lacrosse game to cheer me on and they always made sure that I had all the tools to ensure I could succeed. Without all of them, I could have not made the decision I did. I also give my college coach a huge shout out! Without her recruitment efforts, I would not have been on Shenandoah’s campus!  
  5. I enjoyed every part of this year but really it always so lovely watching students work through the process and realize that all their hard work has paid off! It is an honor to be a part of this transformative journey and process with you all and I wish each of you the best of luck in your future endeavors. The Class of 2019 genuinely holds a special place in my heart and I will sincerely miss each of you. Please come back and visit us! 

Mr. Quirett

  1. Louisiana State University
  2. I received an excellent academic scholarship. I also wanted to attend a school that would provide me with an array of opportunities that had a vibrant student body.
  3. No
  4. My college counselor played a huge role. We still have a relationship and talk at least once a week. She escorted me through the process while challenging my thoughts and pushing me to think outside the box.
  5. My favorite part was forming strong bonds and relationships with my students.  It gives me so much joy to see them grown as young adults as they embark on their collegiate experience.  

Mr. Harlan

  1. The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  2. From the second I was born, I was raised to be a Michigan fan. There are literally pictures of me decked out in Michigan gear from every year of my life. When it came time to make my final college decision, I waited until the very last second on May 1 to make my choice (not the best approach!). I was torn between a few compelling options. But at the end of the day, my life-long family connection to the University of Michigan, their strong academics, their great athletics, and the awesome college town of Ann Arbor swayed me to rep the Maize and Blue.
  3. Absolutely. I have lots of family in the Midwest, and I always loved spending time in Ann Arbor growing up.
  4. My family. My Dad is an avid Michigan fan, and both of my older sisters were also students at the University of Michigan when I was an entering college freshman.
  5. Seeing you all come into your own. As your college counselors, we see endless potential in each and every one of you. Helping you all find the college communities and postsecondary opportunities that are right for you means the world to us. You all are going to accomplish such amazing things moving forward. Ms. Martin, Mr. Q, and I consider ourselves fortunate to have played just a small part in this journey. We can’t wait to see you all soar over the next four years and beyond.

Dr. Garland

  1. Baylor University
  2. I went to a public high school so I wanted to attend a university with a religious background. My grandparents also went to Baylor. Most importantly though, I remember driving up University Drive as the campus came into view and knowing it was the school for me.
  3. Yes, I wanted to be within driving distance from home but not so close that I was dependent on my parents. Most people from my high school went to University of Texas or Texas A&M, so I also wanted to go somewhere different and make new friends.
  4. Me
  5. Seeing “everything happens for a reason” come true. And becoming a pseudo-mom to a few special seniors.

Editorial note from the authors to the counselors: Thank you so much. We would not be anywhere near where we are today. You guys made it possible and we appreciate you guys greatly. Thank you for letting us use your offices as a second place to call home. Thank You!

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