How to take advantage of the learning experiences D.C. offers

Living in Washington, DC, is like living in a museum. In addition to living in close proximity to some of the nation’s most historically significant sites, DC also offers many free educational opportunities that many don’t take advantage of. From private to public programs, Washington, DC, offers countless opportunities to engage your mind over the summer.

The Apple stores in Georgetown, Bethesda, Carnegie Library, and Arlington all offer a spectacular program known as “Today at Apple.” In these programs, one can sign up for an art, photography, film, or music class for free at one of the Apple store locations. There is also a StoryMakers Festival occurring until June 29. Sign-ups are available in the Apple website under “Apple Store” and then “Today at Apple.”

The Smithsonian is an obvious one, but a necessary mention. The Smithsonian holds spectacular programs, such as “The Underground Railroad” and “Walt Whitman & Civil War Washington.” As a general rule, Smithsonian museums are free and these amazing educational opportunities allow for countless learning experiences.

If you have a thing for books, then you should also definitely check out the Library of Congress. Free walk-in tours discuss the art and architecture of the Library. As a challenge, you can try counting the books. If you want to study some American history, you should visit the National Archives, which holds events for the public, from round tables on civil rights to lectures on genealogy.

Lastly, take in the cosmopolitan side of DC through the Embassy Tour. There is one weekend in the spring when the public is invited for a massive open house. Countries such as Japan, Belize, Qatar, Ghana, and Costa Rica offer free admission to performances and demonstrations that highlight their culture.

This summer, take advantage of the great opportunities around you. Washington, DC, is an amazing place to call home, make sure to explore it.

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