Letter from the editor: InLight Magazine flourishes in first year

InLight is a magazine that my co-editor-in-chief, Liana Harris ’19, and I brought to St. John’s this year. 

InLight is a student-led platform created to spark conversations, breathe nuance into the biased, and uplift voices that would otherwise go unheard. In the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle, InLight aims to serve the community by giving everyone a voice, no matter their background. It hopes to unite the diverse DMV community through a common home: St. John’s.

On Tuesday, May 21, the spring issue of InLight was published. The theme of the spring issue is home.

The home edition has writers from all grade levels express their different ideas of home and what home means to them. Junior Chris Teter said, “InLight helps me to express myself in a deeper sense that most people can’t see. It’s a great way to express feelings I can’t put into words.” Like Chris, I have seen many individuals in the SJC community embrace InLight and use it as a platform for self expression.

Recently, the inter-school InLight edition was released and four SJC students were published: Bella Davila ’19, Jared Byrd ’19, Liana Harris ’19, and Nate Rutledge ’19. As a first-time contributor to InLight Interschool, St. John’s was represented more than any other school. As a school with a lot of strong writers and talented artists, InLight is giving the community a platform to represent SJC outside of the enclosure on Military Road.

Additionally, connectDMV, a nonprofit supporting minorities receiving private educations, held an award ceremony at Sidwell Friends in DC. Ms. Gelso, an SJC English teacher and moderator for InLight, received a Beacon of Light award for her efforts of inclusion and diversity at SJC. Ms. Gelso has helped create and develop InLight and her efforts were rightfully recognized.

Next year, Annie Phan ’20 will be taking over as editor-in-chief. “InLight created an outlet to start conversations that needed to be heard, which makes me even more excited to continue it next year,” Phan said.

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