10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

Summer is an exciting time just around the corner. People often lose track of their time and miss out on a lot of opportunities while sitting around wondering what to do. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the best ways to make the most of your time on break.

Get a Job

Summer Jobs are a great way to accumulate some extra bread during the summer to use when you are buying food or hanging out with your buddies. Many places hire teenagers during the summer to work part-time jobs.

Summer Work

IMG_2534Get a head start on your summer projects for school. Getting your work done early makes for a much more relaxing final week of summer.

Go to a Nats Game

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia PhilliesThe Nationals are pretty terrible this year, so I am sure tickets will be cheap this summer. Grab a few buddies and metro down to a game one afternoon. Stubhub is great for snagging some last-second tickets. Remember that one water bottle is allowed per person in the stadium.

Go Parasailing

IMG_2532Parasailing is a pretty weird and wild activity to partake in at the beach. Fly up a couple hundred feet in the air and look down at all of those tiny people in the sand. It’s a good time.

Hit the Links

IMG_2531Play some golf or mini golf at a nearby course. It’s always fun to swing the clubs with your buddies on a hot summer day, even if you are inexperienced.

Learn to Cook

IMG_2530Tune in to some Food Network shows and sharpen your culinary skills. Make dinner for the family a few times.

Monuments and Exhibits

IMG_2529Attending school so close to downtown Washington, DC, you have the ability to go to all of the monuments! Make sure you hit the fan favorites like the Museum of the Bible, the Holocaust Museum, and the Albert Einstein Memorial.

Visit Your Relatives

IMG_2528Make sure you get out to see your folks this summer. It’s always good to see family when you are off school, because of how busy life can get during the year with school work, sports, and friends.

Take a Hike

Go on a hike through the woods. You can explore Rock Creek Park, right around the corner, or take a trek out to somewhere like Sugarloaf Mountain. Either way, it is always a good thing to breathe in some fresh air and get some good old fashioned exercise.

Go to the Zoo

IMG_2526The Chinese government may have taken our pandas, but they can’t take our American Bison. Go to the National Zoo to see some of your favorites, such as the swamp monkey, the alligator lizard, the Cuban crocodile, and the cow. Make sure to take the metro to avoid the new parking restrictions.

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