Recapping the VMAs

August 26, 2019, was the Video Music Awards (VMAs), where we watched some of our favorite artists take home a Moonman.

Young artists make their mark

We expected many things from the VMAs, but the thing most people were focused on was the new, younger generation of stars who would be taking home the awards. This year we saw many young artists win awards, some just a few years older than us, and others the exact same age. One of those artists, Billie Eilish, was nominated for 10 categories! She is just 17 years old but doing it big. Eilish is really creative in her videos and she deserved to be nominated, she won two Moonman awards, which is very impressive at such a young age.

Best collaboration
We also saw couples doing it big for themselves, as Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello won best collaboration for their song ”Señorita.” These two have been rumored to be dating each other for some months now, but c’mon, guys, we all clearly know they are. I like how Cabello has put her heritage in her lyrics and videos, and while I am not a big fan of her or Mendes, this song was good and deserved the award.

R&B song
Someone else who won an award was Normani. She won best R&B song with 6lack. Normani use to be close with Cabello when they were both in a girl group together called fifth harmony, but after Cabello left they became more of a fourth harmony, not actually, but you get the joke. They still created music and did what they had to do with their careers. But after a while, they decided to pursue their solo careers, still being friends and without drama. I’m not a fan of Normani and I do not listen to her music, but I’m glad she’s making big moves with her solo career.

Best pop song
Speaking of groups without drama, we all should know by now that the Jonas Brothers are back! And you should also know they won an award. They won an award in the category Best Pop Song. Their song is called ”Sucker,” which was a hit and what got them to win that award. I love the Jonas Brothers just because they were part of my childhood and I’m glad they are back and won an award.

Best K-Pop Song & Best group
Another boy group that won an award was BTS. They won Best K-Pop Song, their song is called “Boy With Luv” featuring artist Halsey. But that wasn’t the only award BTS received that night. They also received the award for best group, beating out the Jonas Brothers. Some people argued that the Jonas Brothers should have won, but in my opinion they just got back and we don’t know if they are going to break up again, so I’m not really a fan of that. And while I’m not a fan of BTS either, I see them everywhere and know they’ve worked hard and stayed together so they deserved to win this award.

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