Booster Club plans to up their game this year

The St John’s student section cheers on the team, led by the Booster Club. (Photo by Joe Mumola ’20)

As St. John’s kicks off their 2019-2020 athletic campaign, the Booster Club has big plans for the year to increase school spirit. Booster Club members want to use their enthusiasm and love for the school to promote student zeal, grow support for sports teams outside of the traditional spotlight, and use social media to involve more students in supporting the school.

“Improving school spirit is a major priority for the club this year,” said Booster Club executive board member Colleen Koch ’20. “I love being part of the school spirit, and I feel like St. John’s needs more of it, and I want to be part of the class that leaves a legacy of knowing that we had a lot of school spirit.”

Executive board member Kennedy Sanders ’20 said that a goal for the club is getting people more hyped up for other games besides football and basketball. The club hopes that by increased outreach, as well as more effective use of social media, it can encourage students to cheer on student-athletes competing in many other sports.

The Booster Club has made social media a big priority to involve more students. The club is on Twitter @sjc_boost and on Instagram @sjc_boosterclub. It also plans to use more old-fashioned outreach methods, including flyers and visiting a larger number of homerooms.

Being part of Booster Club can be hugely rewarding for students.  Executive board member Amber Brown ’20 said it was important to her to be able to give back. All three executive board members praised the St. John’s community and said they look forward to using their energy to raise school spirit.

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