Review: 13 Reasons Why leaves us wondering why it is still a show

The third season of Thirteen Reasons Why premiered on Netflix on August 23, 2019. The season was met with mixed reviews, with most people who watched it wondering what was the point? 

The premiere season of 13 Reasons Why was based off the novel by Jay Asher. The original season was met with the most positive praise of any of the seasons, but the morality of the series was debated heavily. This eventually caused Netflix to remove some of the more graphic depictions of suicide and other controversial scenes. They also added  a content warning onto the show. 

The second season premiered and was rather popular, but people questioned its existence, as the first season finished covering the events of the novel. The season got mixed reviews, much lower than the original season. It was seen as an interesting way to continue the show, but not really a logical one.

The season follows the trial that began as the result of Hannah Baker’s death. The show jumps back and forth between the past and present revealing things that apparently happened during the first season that just wasn’t shown. This seemed illogical to some people as they thought it was cheap to reveal things that happened during the first season that was not shown during the first season.

 Finally, the third season premiered and was overall criticized by the public for being pointless. Some SJC students have agreed with the general public, as well. Tadhg Martinez ‘21 said, “ “It was totally pointless and I don’t know why it exists.” Ryan Rosia ‘21 said, “I feel like they (the creators) have no idea what they’re doing anymore.”

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