SJC changes rule on headphone use during school

The new headphones rule is in full swing this year, and students, teachers, and administrators are all excited.

Brother Paul explained the administration’s decision to allow people to use headphones: “Most people using headphones are being productive or are relaxing and aren’t bothering anyone. Students using headphones are not being boisterous and should be allowed to study how they like.”

However, he did warn that if students abuse the privilege, a rule change could be revisited. “I am excited because it shows students that we trust them and aren’t making unreasonable rules, but I am slightly scared about this new rule being abused.” The administration will meet this fall to discuss whether the rule is posing a positive or negative input on the school. 

Teachers are also enthusiastic about the headphones rule. When asked if she was excited about the rule change, Señora Nahas said, “Yes! It will be very useful because students can use headphones in three different places during school.” Students can now use headphones in the student walk, cafeteria, and library if they are sitting down. In years prior, St. John’s students had to give up their headphones at 7:45 am or they would be confiscated, as with all other electronics. 

Students are ecstatic about the allowance of headphones. “I first heard about the rule in homeroom and I am eager to use them in the library to help me study,” said Katie Monahan ’22. Other students plan on using them in the walkway and cafeteria to relax or do homework. People have a positive opinion on this rule and are only negative toward the fact that it did not take effect sooner. 

Along with the new year, St. John’s is taking the rule change head-on and is ready for any and all positives and negatives that may come with it. Everyone in the SJC community is excited for this modern advancement to the school.

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