Catching up with Cadets in college

St. John’s College High School’s athletic program not only prepares students to compete at the highest level in the WCAC, but also works to prepare students to continue athletics in college. The Sabre caught up with former St. John’s students to see how their transition to NCAA athletics was going.

Rían Haigler, an offensive lineman from the 2019 St. John’s football team, described the preparation from St. John’s for William and Mary. “I believe everyone who was involved with me – faculty, students, coaches, etc. – gave me the proper mindset to handle my business and still have fun,” Haigler said. “I feel that I have the same anxieties that I had as a 14-year-old freshman coming into St. John’s. There are a lot of decisions to make, things to do, and I just feel excited.” 

When asked what he would recommend for anyone that will be attending college next year, Haigler said, “Get involved with your school community. It’s college, have fun and find something you are passionate about.”

Getting involved in the community is nothing new for Haigler. While attending St. John’s, Haigler was a part of the Peer Minister program, where you guide freshmen to starting their careers at St. John’s. 

Cam Ross, a wide receiver from the 2019 St. John’s football team, described the transition from St. John’s football to football at the University of Connecticut. “The transition was pretty smooth. The game speed of college football is a lot faster. St. John’s elite program helped the transition a lot.” 

Ross also had advice for anyone that will be attending college next fall. “When you get to college, don’t be shy, because your life from here on out is about relationships. Stay on top of your schoolwork because once your grades slip, it’s a lot harder to bring them back up than it is in high school.” 

Alicia Dawson, a track and field runner from the St. John’s 2019 team, took time to update us as well. When asked why she decided to attend High Point, she said, “I chose High Point because they give more attention to track. There is not a football team, so more people go to my meets to watch me compete.” 

Dawson was part of the St. John’s national team that competed in North Carolina. The St. John’s program helped the transition for Dawson into High Point track and field. She said, “Transitioning from SJC to High Point was easier than I thought it would be. The coaching at SJC prepared me for college life.” 

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