What’s a VSCO girl? Could you be one?

Image-6If you’ve ever been on the Tik Tok app, you probably know what a VSCO girl is. If you haven’t, here’s a brief description to keep you up to date. 

The VSCO girl was created within the last two years and originated on the Tik Tok social media platform. Formerly known as Musical.ly, this video-editing app allows people to make quick snippet videos for comedy, beauty, singing, and more; think Vine, but younger. 

VSCO girls can be found wearing long T-shirts, copious scrunchies, puka shell necklaces, Birkenstocks and friendship bracelets and drinking from a Hydro Flask. Most VSCO girls wear natural and glowy makeup and can almost always be found with a collapsible straw. The term VSCO girl was coined because they often edit aesthetic pictures on the VSCO photo-editing app.

Now I’ll explain the VSCO girl terminology, as it can be quite confusing to some audiences. 

“And I oop-” : this phrase comes from an infamous Vine in which the person applying their makeup is disrupted by an unknown force and stops mid-sentence. Most VSCO girls use this phrase when something unexpected occurs or someone says something controversial.

“Sksksksksks” : most people are confused by this term, but the simplest circumstance in which a VSCO girl would say this is when laughing or after saying “and I oop-”

“Save the turtles” : this is one of the most common phrases for the VSCO girl. It refers to the condemnation of plastic straws, which make up only 0.025% of ocean waste but are known for deceiving turtles into thinking they are fish. Overall, this is a good cause; however, it is unclear why the VSCO girls have adopted this cause rather than limiting plastic bag use, which makes up 60-90% of ocean debris and kills more sea turtles and other ocean life  than plastic straws.

Overall, the VSCO girl trend seems to be more or less wholesome. Here is a brief checklist to see if you might be a VSCO girl as well:

  • You own 5+ scrunchies (5 points)
  • You own a Hydro lask (5 points)
  • You own a puka shell necklace (10 points)
  • You wear Birkenstocks year round (10 points)

If you’ve accumulated at least 10 points, congratulations – you’re a VSCO girl.


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