Album Review: Post Malone’s latest falls short of expectations

Post Malone is an American rapper. He was born in New York City and is twenty four years old. Post Malone’s song that got him the most recognition was “White Iverson” released in 2015. That song landed him a Top 20 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Later on, that got him a contract with Republic Records. Post Malone makes music that can relate to teenagers life that are going into adulthood or just growing in general as a person, and in feelings. 

Post Malone has recently released an album, September 6, 2019, titled Hollywood’s Bleeding. This album has seventeen songs and is fifty-one minutes long. For this album, Post said, “I’m not trying to make anything massive, I’m not trying to make hit records.” which is believable because Post is the type of artist that makes music that he knows will just relate to people. 

Opinions at St. John’s are split on the album. Chelsea Orellana ‘22 said, “It was low-key disappointing. I thought it was going to be better.”

Maddie Bremen ‘21 said, “It’s energetic and you can listen to it in any scenario, meaning, if you’re feeling happy or sad.”

Many people still support Post Malone and liked the album, but they just expected more.

Personally, I’m not gonna show fake love and say I’m a big fan of Post Malone, but I have heard most of his songs, and they are pretty good. I spent a night listening to all seventeen songs from his recent album and I can agree this was not the best one, his old songs are honestly better. The only song I liked from this album was “Enemies” featuring DaBaby, and that wasn’t even that good of a song. I do think, though, that its a good album for late-night walks or thoughts, or even if you’re in those sad boy  vibes, the beats and flow on his songs give you those types of vibes. But other than that, I don’t know why you’d hear it on the daily. 

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