Youtube’s “Superwoman” becomes new Late-Night Talk Show Host

Youtube phenomenon, self-made millionaire, comedian, and unicorn-lover Lilly Singh made history on September 16, 2019 by being the first openly queer woman of color to host a late-night show on a major television network.

Growing up as Indian-Canadian, Lilly Singh grew to fame through her YouTube channel, IISuperwomanII, with her comedy skits, daily “vlogs”, and satirical videos making light fun of stereotypes and current events. Accumulating over 14.9 million subscribers and over 3.1 billion views, her goal is to spread positivity and embrace diversity inclusion. In addition, Singh is a proud women’s rights activist through her project with #GirlLove which helps fund young girls’ education in Kenya.

“A Little Late with Lilly Singh”’ replaced Carson Daly’s 1:35am slot on NBC. Singh’s first episode began with her monologue and introduced Mindy Kaling as the first celebrity guest. Even after only one night on-air, it is evident that her humor is a refreshing cocktail of satire, self-deprecation, and the “effortless effort” that is more than satisfying her millennial audience. I don’t know about you, but I would enjoy Singh’s awkward yet bubbly personality much more than another Caucasian Jimmy’s exaggerated laughs behind a brown desk.

The thirty year-old host promises to not base her show too heavily on politics, but hopes to bring light to many social issues that she is passionate about. Many have hope for Lilly Singh and her future as a late night host and believe that she is the refreshing face and a voice for future women and people-of-color in the late-night entertainment industry that is long overdue.

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