Volleyball Continues to Impress in 2019 Season

Throughout the 2019 season, St. John’s Volleyball has remained a major player inside and outside of the WCAC. With an overall record of 17 wins and 2 losses (9 and 1 within the league), few teams have found themselves able to stand up to this year’s varsity roster. It comes as no surprise, as the volleyball program is continuing their upward trend from the previous two seasons with a DCSAA conference championship under their belt from last season. Even then, they’re on track to outpace their 23-6 record from last season.

The team owes much of their success to their sense of unity. Coach Bill Pribac said, “They’re able to pick one another up and shake off some mistakes.”

Varsity Captain Nicole Taylor ‘19, said that the team has a really good team environment and team chemistry on and off the court.

Also of note is the more experienced roster; much of it is in their third year of varsity, leading to an upward trend from previous seasons. However, Taylor said, “We can sometimes get in our heads, which can bring the team down during games.”

So far, St. Johns has had one WCAC loss, Academy of the Holy Cross (AHC), which threatens to cause them trouble down the line. Coach Pribac is gunning to take the WCAC championship for the first time since 2004 this year, and AHC is their most significant obstacle on that road.

Fresh off of the AHC loss, Taylor said the next game against AHC would likely be their biggest in the regular season. The team, although already exceptional, knows they’re going to have to continue to get better as they try to win the WCAC this season.

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