Reviewing Homecoming 2019

This year’s annual homecoming dance was different from those in past years. Previously, the dance was held in the gym, with ample room for everyone to move around. This year, however, with construction in the gym, homecoming was in the auditorium. Many students had negative feelings about this, but after they went, their minds were changed.

Megan Draley, a sophomore at St. John’s, said, “The dance was really fun but the space was too small.” She said it reminded her of Froshmore, because it was in the auditorium as well. “That’s not a bad thing- but it just felt out of the ordinary for me.”

Draley went with a group of friends and said that even though homecoming was in a tighter space, she still had a blast dancing the night away.

Crae Morrison 22′ said, “This was my second homecoming and it was just as fun as last year, but it was a little different since it was in the auditorium instead of the gym but I still had fun. They ran out of Chick-fil-A sauce and it made me sad,”

Many students thought that the Chick-fil-A was a great addition to the night.

Some students were not sure what to think of homecoming.

“I have mixed feelings about whether it was better or worse,” Shannon Gibbons ‘21 said. She went on to say how she loved the vibrancy of the decorations and how she felt SGA put an incredible amount of effort into spirit week as a whole, but especially the homecoming dance itself.

“The small space made it more difficult to find others, but at the same time it allowed my friends and I to grow closer.” Ryan Marcelleno ‘22 said. “It was fun to hang out with my friends.”

Another sophomore, Katie Monahan, said “I loved the decorations but it was different having it in the auditorium.”

Katie echoed thoughts about how the decorations fit the theme perfectly and compensated for the smaller-sized venue. I was with Katie most of the night, and we both had just as good of a time if homecoming had been in the gym, and we were both glad that we had attended.

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