All Things Go Festival

The All Things Go Fall Classic is a popular music festival in DC that happens every year at Union Market. Held in October, the festival has a lineup of unique artists perform while different companies promote themselves from stands stationed around the venue, selling food and souvenirs. All Things Go takes place on Oct. 12 and 13 this year, and tickets for the event range from around $50 to $100.

The headliner this year is the band CHVRCHES, with other well-known artists like Melanie Martinez, COIN, and mxmtoon also featured. Other artists include Olivia O’Brien, Allie X, and Charlie Hanson. The stage artists perform on is smaller than it appears on the website, so to get a good view it’s best to show up as early as possible. The two days of the music festival start relatively early in the day, so there’s plenty of time to show up and check out the food, vendors, and performances. The size of the crowd also varies greatly depending on who’s performing at what time.

CHVRCHES is a three-person Scottish band that focuses on indie-type songs with synth music in the background. They will be performing their new record, Love is Dead, at All Things Go. The record is supposed to represent how and why people are able to move on from bleak circumstances, and how growing up means accepting that you have to take the good with the bad in every situation. The band mashes up meaningful lyrics with a more upbeat sound, to make a fun performance overall.

There’s lots of food available at the venue, but it can be hard to find water unless you wind up at the first aid station, and the water bottles provided are pretty small. It’s better to bring big water bottles from home to save money and stay hydrated if you’re going to be at the festival for the majority of the day. The location of the festival makes public transportation convenient, because it’s located near the NoMa-Gallaudet New York Ave Red Line station. The Metro is more reliable than driving for the event, because parking becomes limited very fast. 

All Things Go is a really fun way to listen to new artists and ones that you already like, while surrounded by food and fun activities. Being prepared for when you go, no matter who you go with or when you go, will make the experience even better.

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