Waclawik 5k brings the SJC community together

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Sydney Waclawik ’07 is pictured with this year’s Waclawik 5K winners, Meredith Gotzman ’23 and Sam Angevine ’20.

Last week, the students and faculty of St. John’s participated in the annual Waclawik 5k. The race, which honors Carl Waclawik ’10, a student who passed away in 2007, began on campus and ran through Rock Creek Park. It was a huge success, with over 75 faculty, alumni, and students taking the time out of their afternoon to come out and participate.

The 5k is directed by Mr. Sheehy, who does an incredible job of involving the faculty and students, as well as Carl’s family. He understands what the race means to the Waclawik family and the St. John’s community. “The race means a lot to Carl’s family. His sister Sydney, who started the race, has done an excellent job in the past few years with attending, and his parents are always in touch surrounding the race,” said Mr. Sheehy. “I think they’d be happy to see the race and the celebration of Carl’s life within the St. John’s community, seeing as the community was so important to him.”

This year’s winner, Sam Angevine ’20, was excited to not only win the race, but also to honor Carl by running with his teammates. He said, “It feels good to run with my teammates in memory of Carl, and I’ve been wanting to win this race since I joined the team sophomore year.”

The cross country team and Mr. Sheehy would like to thank everyone who came out and ran this year, and they hope to see everyone back to participate in next year’s race. It not only is a chance to honor Carl Waclawik and his contributions to the St. John’s community, but also a chance to come together as a school and honor life.

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