Under-the-radar artists you need to know

If you’re looking to expand your music taste and listen to some new artists and songs you might not have heard before, then this is the playlist for you. This is my top 30 underrated artists and songs playlist. 

This playlist features some artists you might not know, like Ricky Montgomery. I chose him for this playlist because although he now makes music with his band, The Honeysticks, his old songs like “Mr. Loverman” and “Line Without A Hook” deserve more recognition.

Another artist featured is Audrey Mika, a 19-year-old singer-songwriter that started on YouTube. Her song, “Y U Gotta B Like That,” is featured on this playlist, and I know she is going to be a bigger artist.

It also features the band Wallows. They are one of the more known artists on this playlist, but they still don’t get nearly enough recognition. They have many great songs on this list, including “Pleaser” and “Are You Bored Yet?”

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