Five new exhibits to visit this fall

There are new museum collections and exhibits all over downtown D.C. that are opening up and have been available for the fall season. Here are five of the best new collections to visit if you ever need something to do on a weekend afternoon:

Live Dangerously: National Museum of Women in the Arts

This exhibit is a collection of work from twelve different female photographers. The collections of photos are supposed to reflect the ways women are connected to the natural world. Many of the pictures combine the female body with landscapes, like oceans and mountains, but some show women being active and more rebellious. The exhibit is described as empowering and challenge the way women are perceived at first glance.

America’s First Veterans: Anderson House

This collection is based on lower rank members of the army from the Revolutionary War and their contributions to the success of the colonies in gaining freedom. The exhibit displays different writings and objects that memorialize the service of those who weren’t generals or the highest ranking officers, because before now they weren’t recognized for their impact.

Heroes: Principles of African Greatness’: National Museum of African Art

This exhibit focuses on heroes throughout Africa’s history through different pieces of art. It uses art that’s permanently in the museum and couples it with a specific person whose heroism is reflected in the art. The collection opens on November 13th.

29Rooms: DC Armory 

In this experience, you travel through 29 rooms that each have their own interactive designs. Different brands and artists came together to build an exhibit where you can think about dreams, fate, and your past self. The exhibit was built by Refinery29 to bring colorful fashion into a fun physical setting. The exhibit started in New York, but traveled to D.C. and is also moving to other cities like Chicago and Dallas.

Color Wheel: The Hirshhorn

This final exhibit is made up of paintings by artist Pat Steir. The exhibit takes up the entire span of the inner second floor, creating a large color wheel out of the paintings when put next to each other. The exhibit is really fun to walk around and see, and makes a good background for pictures. The Hirshhorn overall has fun and interactive exhibits all over the museum, inside and outside. The color wheel exhibit is really large and is set up to be in a giant circle, so walking around the perimeter of the floor makes you feel like you’re really inside the exhibit.

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