Yearbook club shines at summer conference

The Yearbook Club is a popular and important club in St. John’s assortment of clubs. Each member has many duties. These duties vary from person to person, whether it be taking pictures for the yearbook, or editing the final edition of it. 

The editing is actually something that has been met with praise from many people. The yearbook staff, specifically the editors, have won various awards for their work. Recently, the staff won the grand prize for yearbook design. They have worked hard for their awards and will most likely continue to receive awards and acclaim for the yearbook in future years. 

The editors of the yearbook attended the Jostens’ Yearbook Conference at the University of Richmond. It is an annual workshop that teaches design, copywriting, and other skills. The editors, Maddie Vincent ‘20 and Chantal Larios ‘20 came up with an original idea for a theme in a competition with a dozen other schools. At the end of the competition, St. John’s won the award for their amazing design and came home with a trophy. The yearbook club leader, Ms. Moga said she is so proud of the group for their hard work.

A day in the life of an average St. John’s yearbook club member consists of many duties, as stated before. Sami Jolles ‘21 said yearbook consists of going around during free periods, lunches, and events and taking pictures of students. Jolles told me that enjoys getting to do this each day.

The yearbook club is a homeroom, but Jolles said that most of the time people are in and out of home room. This is because they are taking pictures and going around getting quotes. 

The yearbook club is a fun club that is very important to St. John’s and looks to continue to impress.

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